GELLMU, v 0.8, generates XHTML+MathML

Dear All:

Version 0.8 of GELLMU, Generalized Extensible LaTeX-Like MarkUp,
was posted to CTAN yesterday evening: ctan:support/gellmu .

This is the first version providing an XHTML + MathML output stream
for gellmu article.  It provides a way to write articles having
substantial mathematical content with simultaneous PDF and
XHTML+MathML outputs from a single LaTeX-like source.

At this time the project generates only presentation MathML (contrary
to previously announced plans that were revised).

By default the XHTML+MathML generator references the UMSS even though
only presentation MathML is being written.  Also by default because of
font issues radicals are converted to fractional exponents and colors
are applied for blackboard bold, calligraphic, and fraktur fonts (red,
blue, and green, respectively).  There are perl variables in for switching these defaults off.

Bug reports would be appreciated

                                    -- Bill

Received on Friday, 3 September 2004 13:10:10 UTC