release of the mathematical equation editor Formulator 1.1


I'd like to announce recent release of a new version of the freeware
mathematical equation editor Formulator 1.1. Equations can be imported
to and exported from a representative subset of the presentation
markup for MathML 2.0.

The following features will be new for Formulator 1.0 users:

- Formulator enhances Internet Explorer to display mathematical
notation within a web page. If the math in a web page is written in
the MathML language, Internet Explorer gives it to Formulator to
display as standard math notation. This feature is similar to
MathPlayer and Techexplorer functionality.

- Formulator has now an alternative way to view and edit your
equation. Both visual view of mathematical equation and its MathML
view are available for the document via selecting the appropriate
document sheet by clicking on tab control at the foot of the page.

- Greatly improved Formulatorís collaboration with word processors
(e.g., Microsoft Word). Now you can insert math equations to the word
processor just using Copy/Paste commands and edit them using the
Formulator by double-clicking on them in your document. Dynamical
resizing of equation borders while editing is more comfortable and
Unicode characters within the equation embedded to the word processor
are available now.

- Styles in Formulator are supplemented with color attribute, so that
you can freely customize mathematical text with any color notes.

- Dialog that exports the active document as a web page is renewed.

- Drag-and-Drop between several windows or application instances is
improved. Scrolling is refined to use mouse wheel to scroll easily
through your math.

- Print, Print Preview and math rendering on a web page are amended to
adapt for incomplete mathematical equations built with empty slots.

- Functions of import into and export from the MathML format are
improved. Among new features are support of <mspace> and <mphantom>
elements, <mathsize> and <mathbackground> attribute, several old and
deprecated style attributes and some other improvements.

You can download a free executable of Formulator following the link\projects\formulator\index.html
or directly at:\fd_counter.php?varProduct=2&

Authors will be grateful for any response. If you have a bug to
report, a new feature to request, or anything else to say, please send
your messages to

Best regards,
Vyacheslav Levitsky

Hermitech Laboratory, Mathematical and Modeling Software

Received on Saturday, 23 October 2004 10:28:48 UTC