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Dr. Carlisle has already answered adequately your question. 

I will only add that XSL-FO V1.0 is able to present quite 
primitive equations such as "a+b=c".

I am not sure how much portion of mathematics equations MathML 
can present, but there are quite many kind of equations that
MathML can present, but XSL-FO can not. 

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Tokushige Kobayashi

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May I ask one naive question?
Up to now I thought that it is possible to render MathML 
using XSL only (i.e. one can take generic MathML document and transform it into pure XSL FO by applying appropriately designed XSLT style sheet). But now I see that Antenna House choose completely different approach and introduced native MathML support in XSL formatter, so it treats MathML as markup that predefines rendering itself without any style sheets. Does it mean that XSL is not suitable for rendering MathML documents (or maybe is not sufficient)? 
Or maybe there were some other reasons that lead Antenna House to current decision?

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