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Thank you for your explanation. It clears my uncertainty.

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I think your interpretation is correct.  In my view, these two
constructs should be considered to be equivalent as far as the
typesetting of the math is concerned.

1)  <math display="block">...</math>

2)  <math><mstyle displaystyle="true">...</mstyle></math>

Similarly, I think

3)  <span style="display:block"><math>...</math></span>

should be treated equivalently too.

There is some question as to whether all of these should embed the
math in the surrounding HTML the same way.  I think 1 and 3 should
definitely embed the equation as a separate, centered display, while 2
should probably just change the typesetting of the equation and not
affect how the equation is embedded.  However in all three cases,
scriptlevel should be initialized to '0', and displaystyle to 'true'.

I'm fairly sure this is what both MathPlayer and Mozilla do.


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