Re: Question about example in MathML2 Spec (Second Edition)


I think you are right.  The text does seem to be talking about the
positioning of under and overscripts, while the pictures have them
limits of the integral positioned as sub and superscripts.  So at a
minimum, I think the examples don't match the text.

Further, I think you analysis is correct: movablelimits should be
false for ∫ and the scripts should always appear in the under
and over positions if you use an <munderover> element.

I think part of the problem here is that there is not very strong
agreement about whether movable limits should be true or false for
integrals.  It woudn't surprise me to learn that some software assumes
they should move, and changes their operator dictionary accordingly.

Of course that doesn't change the problem with the text and the images


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> Hello,
> I am wondering that the rendering example of (image/3022.gif
> and 3023.gif) of MathML2 Spec (Second Edition) is not correct.
> In these examples, 0(underscript) and &infin;(overscript) are 
> positioned as superscripts and subscripts. Is this correct ?
> The Spec says at Other attributes of mo as follows:
> ---------
> The movablelimits attribute specifies whether underscripts and 
> overscripts attached to this mo element should be drawn as subscripts 
> and superscripts when displaystyle="false". movablelimits="false" 
> means that underscripts and overscripts should never be drawn as 
> subscripts and superscripts. 
> ---------
> The default value of movablelimits is set by operator dictionary.
> But operator dictionary for &int; is specified as follows:
> ---------
> "&Integral;" form="prefix"  largeop="true" stretchy="true"  lspace="0em" rspace="0em"
> ---------
> The value of movablelimits is set as "false" depending on the 
> description
> Finaly, 0(underscript) and &infin;(overscript) should be not be drawn 
> as superscripts and subscripts.
> Is there any misunderstanding ?
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