FW_Employees Revenge

Ha-ha, brilliant! 

Iíve tried this for the last three days, worked perfectly and got my £50 worth every time.

Do you know any overworked, underpaid friends or colleagues? Give them this story to warm their hearts. 

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Once upon a time there was a hard-working software engineer slaving away under cruel masters. The engineer poured heart and soul into his work till early hours every morning, with the promise of glorious profit sharing. When the work was finally done, this poor engineer was rewarded by being dismissed and shown the door.

The company I used to work for runs a website:-  www.gamesofskill.co.uk. However after I had left, they went live with the system, WITH THE TESTING BACKDOOR STILL IN PLACE !!!!! If you call their competition line and enter "0" instead of a real answer, then the system lets you through to win the Question of the day. Idiots!

Moral of this story? Donít p*ss off employees, especially oneís you fire! 

Viva the workers! Down with the bosses! Share the wealth!

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