Re: MathML question

> if now i have a MathML, and how can i know how the Maths Expression is
> being represented inside?? 

Most applications that import MathML will translate it into their
internal format. The MathML Recommendation only specifies the
XML representation of the expression. (It also specifies an extended DOM
that may be used to manipulate a MathML expression, but this is
optimised for manipulating the XML tree resulting from the MathML, and
an application that is going to compute with the expression is likely to
use a different internal structure, specific to that application.)

Thus in general, the MathML Recommendation itself does not answer your
question, however many computer algebra systems (for example) can
import MathML, and you would need to look to the documentation of those
systems to see how they represent any given MathML expression

This answer may not be that helpful (sorry) and it may be that I
misunderstood your question, feel free to ask again. In particular I was
not sure when you said "i would like to convert it to Maths Expression;"
whether you had any explict format in mind for the "Maths Expression" or
whether you meant any internal format used by any application. (I assumed
the latter here).


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