Survey of copy & paste of formulae ?

Dear Math-on-the-webbers,

Is there anyone who has some documentation/survey/experiment-results on 
copy & paste of mathematical formulae, especially on the web.
I know there has been partial things in many directions and that the 
right button might bring me some things if a browser presents me the 
content correctly but it would be good if I could find or collect more 

Thus far I know as little as:
- MathML presenters (Mozilla, MathPlayer, WebEQ) allow you to copy the 
MathML presentation, and content if it's there, MathPlayer and WebEQ 
may have a way to "make" the content
- Maple and Mathematica bring copy of MathML content and presentation
- the presentation can be pasted in MathType probably, anywhere else ? 
(well, and in Mozilla Composer)
- if has content it can be eaten by Maple and Mathematica with good 
hopes, anyone else ? (I think it will come in MuPad) There may however 
be differences in the interpretations of symbols
- web-applications can try to do it but it is, in any cases, separated 
from the system-clipboard (security obliges)

So that I have the impression the following limitations exist:
- there's no way to select a "sub-formula" and paste it somewhere else 
thus far
- the content-level encoding seems to be a requirement everywhere
- meeting an unknown symbol will generally prevent any pasting...
Can someone please comment ?



Received on Friday, 20 February 2004 10:07:25 UTC