Re: mathsize="big | small | normal"


> The mathsize common attribute is defined as taking big, small and normal
> keywords as values. However, these values do not appear to be defined in
> the specification.
> Are they intended to act as absolute sizes or relative sizes?
> Specifically, do they correspond to the CSS large and small keywords or
> the larger and smaller keywords? They sound like absolute sizes, but
> "normal" sounds as if it is context specific.

I've always thought of these as relative sizes, and that is how WebEQ
and MathPlayer implement them I think.  Also, though it doesn't seem
to say that in Ch 3 of the spec, in Appendix G (the non-normative
sample CSS styelsheet) this is how they are interpreted:

  /* Rules dealing with "mathsize" attribute */

  math *.[mathsize="small"] {
    font-size: 80%

  math *.[mathsize="normal"] {
  /*  font-size: 100%  - which is unnecessary */

  math *.[mathsize="big"] {
    font-size:  125%

Hope this helps.


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Received on Friday, 6 February 2004 10:47:42 UTC