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Hi Michael,

On Sun, 2004-02-01 at 09:47, Michael Day wrote:
> The MathML 2.0 specification suggests that <mi> render as italic by
> default if it contains a single character.

there is a subtle point. It says that the default value of the
mathvariant attribute is "italic" when the content of the mi is made of
a single character. But then the 6th paragraph in 3.2.2 also says

"It is important to note that only certain combinations of character
data and mathvariant attribute values make sense
By design, the only cases that have an unambiguous interpretation are
exactly the ones that correspond to SMP Math Alphanumeric Symbol
characters, which are enumerated in Section 6.2.3 Mathematical
Alphanumeric Symbols Characters. In all other cases, it is suggested
that renderers ignore the value of the mathvariant attribute if it is

In fact there are no italicized digits in Plane 1
(see and


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