Re: MathML application developers

Le 21 déc. 04, à 18:52, William F Hammond a écrit :

> Paul Libbrecht <> writes:
>> . . .
>> Currently, this is "dirty" MathML which includes html and hence can
>> only be viewed in Mozilla, we have, internally, a version that
>> displays in MSIE+MathPlayer. . . .
> I don't understand what "dirty" means here.  Could you clarify?
> For example, do you refer to the use of HTML elements like "em" and
> "strong" inside "mtext"?  (Is it the case that IE+MathPlayer does not
> handle "em" and "strong" inside "mtext"?)

Yes, I do refer to them but I don't think they are especially under 
mtext elements (that could be fixed maybe). I don't think there's a 
hope to change MathML in order for such a mixed code to be eaten. CSS, 
among others, is also used (e.g. with span elements) and having a 
full-fledged css implementation inside MathML implementation is quite  
a tough requirement.

> I, for one, would like to see a short list of HTML elements such as
> "em", "strong", "kbd", and "a" written into the content model
> of "mtext".

I would sort of consider this not so oddly... but the whole of css as 


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