As good as LaTeX?

We are very encouraged by the MathhML project as it is long overdue. 

In writing scientific text, it is often the case that LaTeX is chosen for its

ability to produce very complicated mathematical expressions with relatively
little effort
and (as a language) is amenable to an open-source, multi-user environment
(compared to say
Word which is relatively prohibitive on both accounts). As you know, the
limitation is
in getting those beautiful equations into a language suitable for the Web.
This is usually accommodated by exporting the equations as an image
(typically GIF).
In my opinion, this is cumbersome although I don't know if there is an
Ultimately, I want the ability to be able to create 
those beautiful LaTeX quality equations so that they can directly be
displayed in a web browser. 

Questions: Will MathML facilitate complicated equations as does LaTeX? 
Is it conceivable that LaTeX equations may be entered within
special MathML tag(s) so that conversion is done "behind the scenes"?

Thanks much,

William Constantine, Ph.D.
Insightful Corporation

Received on Tuesday, 7 December 2004 21:19:24 UTC