Re: Errors in the test suite

> But were those implementations then used to exit CR?

yes but for cr we needed to show implementations of mathml, not
necessarily a renderer that can render mathml-in-xhtml without any
assistance in the way of a processing instruction.

> Yes; my point was they also have a lot more. For QA purposes, the ideal
> test is one that has nothing but the test and the pass criteria; the
> current XHTML tests have lots of other stuff that is distracting.

A conforming mathml system needn't be able to render xhtml at all.
So for such a minimal test purpose you could just use the .mml files (I
agree they ought have explicit namespaces). I agree that it is important
to have such test files, as there are several important mathml systems
that do not handle xhtml. To test such a system you need to render the
.mml file and then look at the sibling image file,  you don't get the
convenience of the xhtml wrapper that shows them both together but
that's the way it has to be if you can't rely on having xhtml support.


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