Re: Errors in the test suite I think if the test cases are to be useful with, e.g., Mozilla or
  any other Web browser that might be implementing MathML, the namespace
  declarations should be given.

Yes I agree really, I was just explaining how they validated here in the
absence of those declarations.

  Those are presumably not conformant implementations, though, so why would
  the test suite have workarounds for them?

I would not agree with adding anything to the test suite that made the
files non conformant but we wanted to use the test suite to test the
current implementations and without that PI that isn't possible.
The files still I think conform to all applicable standards with that PI
there. It's presence doesn't imply the browser need to support XSLT, eg
Amaya ignores (as it may) the xslt stylesheet reference and renders the
presentation mathml tests natively.

  Unfortunately they don't have the reference image, which is required to
  know if the UA is implementing the result correctly or not.

True, but the xhtml+mathml files that do have the image also have
explict namespace declarations.


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