Re: Errors in the test suite

Thanks for this report

  First, it appears that none of the MML files have namespace declarations,
  so they are presumably not MathML files (unless I missed something).

Arguably you are missing a local XML catalogue that defaults the MathML
DTD for a top level math element (which would in turn default the namespace
declaration) Such a catalogue is used to validate the test suite
using nsgmls, which does then report them all as valid except those that
are intentionally invalid, except we clearly missed something as

  ...has a wellformedness error.

oops we should fix, thanks again for reporting that. 

Also probably we should add namespace declns to the mml files, as
catalogue support is far from being mandatory.

  Other than that, I have to say, this is one of the best test suites I've
  seen from the W3C.

Robert and Neil should take most of the credit for that, I think.

  My only request would be for a much simpler version of
  the test suite that doesn't depend on (e.g.) XSLT, but just has the sample
  rendering, the test rendering, and "next" and "prev" links. That way it
  would be less distracting when going through and testing several dozen
  tests at once.

The XSLT is there as current browsers won't (or wouldn't at the time)
render the files at all without it. IE/MathPlayer needed it to trigger
the IE behaviour stuff and Mozilla needs it to render all the content
mathml tests. For bulk testing you should be able to grab the zip file 
and then use the mml files locally (which don't have the xslt dependency)
Although that's probably what you were doing when you found they didn't
have an explict namespace declaration or doctype...


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