Re: editing MathML with Amaya - reading with Mozilla FireFox

> But, if I read the same file copied on my website which
> is on a linux server, FireFox crash !

I can confirm the same effect: the file served from your server works
fine in IE/mathPlayer but firefox 0.8 hangs ("not responding") and has
to be killed and mozilla 1.6 is the same.

The usual reasons for files to work of the file system but not off the
server are incorrect mime types or character encoding setting, however
your server is serving the xml and xslt both as text/xml which looks OK
and doesn't appear to be explicitly setting the charset so as the files
are latin1 (iso-8859-1) that also looks OK to me.

You could try to isolate the problem by making a file that does not have
<?xml version="1.0" encoding="iso-8859-1"?>
at the top and does not have your accented letters (or at least, does
not have them in latin1 encoding, you could use &#x..; but for testing
purposes you could just remove them.

If that works, it tells you what the problem is (and suggests a
workaround) but it is supposed to work as you have it, I think.
So you may want to report this as a bug using mozilla's bugzilla system.


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