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Re: unicode.xml misses spaces in LaTeX mappings

From: Stan Devitt <jsdevitt@stratumtek.com>
Date: Fri, 09 Apr 2004 16:09:17 -0400
Message-ID: <407702ED.9010908@stratumtek.com>
To: William F Hammond <hammond@csc.albany.edu>
Cc: W3C MathML Development Discussion <www-math@w3.org>

Also Note:

It is generally more well defined and useful if the the table lists the
actual tex tokens.

There is nothing that says that you have to use the
unicode.xml by just concatenating the CDATA content
of the latex elements, and you  should not expect that doing
so should work any better than  doing so in TeX.
(e.g. trying to concatentate  the strings "\textdollar" and "x" to 
get the visual  effect "$x".)

The job of the table is really to provide information at the
token level which can then be combined properly in other

Stan Devitt

William F Hammond wrote:

>"Oleg A. Paraschenko" <olpa@xmlhack.ru> writes:
>>  Correct example:
>>| <character id="U00024" dec="36" mode="mixed" type="normal">
>>|  <afii>00A4</afii>
>>|  <latex>\textdollar </latex>
>>|  ...
>>| </character>
>Basically, yes, but in some contexts I think that '\textdollar ' is
>not quite safe.  '\textdollar{}' is, I believe, always correct.
>                                    -- Bill
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