Re: empty set symbol in MathML

Robert Miner <> writes:

> Other experts will correctly me if I'm wrong, but my memory is that
> Unicode doesn't acknowledge these as separate character. Instead, they
> are regarded a "glyph variants" of the same character, and thus they
> do not get separate code points.
> . . .
> Consequently, apart from the inherently fragile <mglyph> construct,
> there is no good way to distiguish these characters within MathML.

Specific things that are important enough to trigger such discussion
here could be made non-fragile if they had existence in MathML as
empty elements.  A few examples suggested by LaTeX include
<leftarrow/>, <longleftarrow/>, <rightarrow/>, <longrightarrow/>,
<mapsto/>, and <longmapsto/>.

I don't imagine more than a few hundred of such empties.

                                    -- Bill

Received on Monday, 5 April 2004 13:42:23 UTC