Re: Importing MathML Schema in XMLSpy

  <P>David thanks for the fast and concrete answer, which schema validator
  do you sugest to use with XML Spy?</P>

I have only used xmlspy for a total of 2 minutes, I just happened to
download xmlspy 2004 today. I hadn't actually used it before I saw your report.

The schema has been used/tested with xsv and xerces in the past, however
as I said in my last message I don't think that the warning is a problem
it is just the editor telling you that it can't edit a schema component
that for an unspecified namespace at an unspecified location, which
seems quite reasonable.


> Content-Type: text/html;charset=iso-8859-1
Grr some of us read mail in a mail reader not a web browser, and html
mail is a bit hard to read:-)


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