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  what is a 5 sided polygon?  
  2.. If square a has an area of 900 square inches and square B has an area of 3600 square inches what is the length of both A and B together? 
  3.. what equation is equivalent to a=bc? 
  4.. a forester did a study to compare tree growth in different parts of a national park.  As part of the study, the forester needed to know the approximate surface area of different leaves.  Since leaves come in different shapes, no one single mathematical formula was appropriate.  The forester devise the following indirect method for finding surface area:
                              1.  Trace the outline of the leaf on paper.        
                              2.  Cut out the leaf outline.
                              3.  Wiegh the cut out.
                              4.   Compare the wieght to a known standard to find the area. 

The forester traced the leaf outline on drawing paper that weighed 9.8 grams per 8 inch-by-10-inch sheet.

What factional part of a whole sheet of drawing paper is used by a leaf cutout with an area of 20 square inches?
                     1.   1/20
                     2.   1/10
                     3.   1/4
                     4.    1/2

About how much did one square inch of the darwing paper weigh?
                        1.  1.0 gram
                        2.  0.5 gram
                        3.  0.1 gram
                        4.  0.01 gram
what is the approximate ratio of weight in grams to surface area in square inches of the darwing paper?
                         1.  80/1
                         2.  10/1
                         3.  1/8 
                         4.  8/9
Another park employee used newpaper to make a tracing of a large leaf.  Newspaper weighs 5 times 10 to the power of -2 grams per square inch.  What is the area of the leaf if a cutout of the tracing weighed 6 grams?

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