Re: ⁢ missing from DTD

> Probably something to do with the
> fact that mozilla doesn't read the DTD that's at and uses its
> own. 

Mozilla only reads DTD that are present in its local dtd directory
it "recognises" a few PUBLIC Ids as being xhtml+mathml or mathml dtd and
substitutes its own in that case, and similarly if the last "filename"
part of the SYSTEM id after the last "/"   looks like being a
mathml dtd it will again load its own DTD in preference.

If neither of these match, no dtd will be read and all entities except
XML predefined entities  will generate a parse error

Unfortunately this behaviour _is_ conformant with the XML Rec, which
states that non validating parsers do not need to read the external
parts  of the DTD.



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