Universal MathML Stylesheet

I would like to get your comments on the following idea
to extend the universal MathML stylesheet:

Extending the modes:
 -Native rendering (Mozilla,..)
 -TechExplorer rendering
 -MathPlayer rendering
 -CSS rendering

by a additional mode where images are used.
in that case the stylesheet would replace any math node, that
has an  "altimg" attribute  with an <img> element.


    <math xmlns="http://www.w3.org/1998/Math/MathML"
    will be replaced by:

    <img src="images/MathML_01.jpg" style="border:0;vertical-align:-17px"  alt="MathML_01"/>

(Calculating the value for "vertical-align" (relative vertical shift) out of "height" and "baseline" 
is needed for aligning the math image with the text base line)


Bernhard Keil

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At 2003-05-15T15:00+1000, Geoff Leach wrote:-

> I'm looking at preparing documents using MathML+SVG+XHTML (and also
> using DocBook and translating). SVG can be embedded in XHTML documents
> either inline or by reference (using the img element). But from what I
> can see MathML can only be inline embedded in XHTML.

There's no reason MathML can't be referenced by an object element, apart
from the lack of a MIME type more appropriate than application/xml.

Tim Bagot

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