Re: MathML Test Suite

  The error message points to this entity:  <mi>&rAarr;</mi>.  I verify that 
  this entity is present in the character tables in chapter 6 of the MathML 
  recommendation.  In theory, this entity should be a recognized character 
  in a MathML document.

Mozilla/Netscape never fetches the DTD specified in the document and
instead tries to spot certain "known" dtds that require mathml support
and in that case loads the mathml DTD from its $MOZILLAHOME/res/dtd
directory. Unfortunately that DTD is slightly out of sync with
the offical DTD.

Yoy can update the copy of the DTD in  $MOZILLAHOME/res/dtd but of
course that doesn't help  other users of netscape viewing your pages.
You may like to take this up on the mozilla-mathml list.


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Received on Monday, 27 January 2003 04:57:53 UTC