Re: Multiple expressions

Thank u David. I am using xslt to convert MathML to voicexml. I use saxon to process my xslt and mathml for the required output.
 David Carlisle <> wrote:

This is my first mail in this group. I use mathml
extensively. As part of my thesis i am converting mathml documents to

oh interesting. What transformation mechanisms are you using? (xslt? or
something else?) Do you have any demos available (either public or
made available to individuals?)

Can we have one MathML document for multiple equations ... I mean can
we hve one document for set of equations say 

(a+b)^2 = a^2+2*a*b+b^2

(a+b)*(a-b) = a^2 - b^2

mathml encodes this as an mtable. see the examples of malign in chapter
3. MathML2 added support for labeling such equations with equation
numbers and other labels.


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Received on Sunday, 26 January 2003 17:04:54 UTC