MathML Test suite questions


I had a look at the MathML content testsuite. I've got a problem with
the "testsuite/Content/ArithmeticAlgebraLogic/forall/forall2" sample.

In REC, should we understand: "an optional condition and an optional
assertion" or "an optional condition and a required assertion" ? If the
second statement is the right one, the forall2 sample should not be

<<< Universal quantifier (forall)

The forall element represents the universal quantifier of logic. It must
be used in conjunction with one or more bound variables, an optional
condition element, and an assertion, which should take the form of an
apply element. In MathML 1.0, the reln element was also permitted here:
this usage is now deprecated.

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Received on Friday, 17 January 2003 07:36:58 UTC