Math on the Web Workshop at AMATYC 2003


I'm writing to let you know of an opportunity for us to really 
spread the word about MathML and other math on the web 
solutions. The American Mathematical Association of Two-Year 
Colleges (AMATYC) will be holding its 2003 Annual Conference in 
Salt Lake City from November 13 through the 16th. The AMATYC 
Program and Distance Learning Committees have decided to 
schedule a block of sessions concentrating on the subject of 
"Math on the Web". This concentration of sessions will be dubbed 
the "Math on the Web Workshop", and will be held the first day 
of the conference -- Thursday November 13.

AMATYC is soliciting papers for the Math on the Web Workshop, 
with a deadline of January 30 for submission. I apologize for 
the short notice to submit the papers, but there were quite a 
few details to iron out. A copy of the proposal form follows my 
signature. Length of the Workshop sessions will be 25 minutes, 
followed by a 5-minute break.

Keep in mind that separate opportunities are available at AMATYC 
for Commercial Presentations, and care must be taken to make the 
Math on the Web Workshop sessions informational and 
solutions-oriented, rather than product-oriented.  Please 
contact me directly for more information about the Math on the 
Web Workshop.

Thank you for your interest and support,
Bob Mathews        
Director of Training         830-990-9699
Design Science, Inc. -- "How Science Communicates"

*************** Proposal Form ***************
Please return this form by January 30, 2003 via email or fax to 
Nancy J. Sattler.
Email: <>. If you prefer, you may fax it to 
Nancy at 419-355-1248.

Themed Short Session -- Math on the Web

Section A: Please print or type this information.
Include a separate form with Section A information for each 
A max. of two presenters will be listed in the program.

College Name

Home Address

College Address

Home Phone  (     )     	
College Phone  (     )
Fax   (     )     	
Email Address

I wish to have my email address included in conference 
publications.     Yes   No
Preferred Mailing Address:     College   Home

Section B
Title of Presentation:

Proposal must include the 3 items listed below:

1. Summary of presentation for program booklet (One or two 
sentences with a 25 word maximum, written in 3rd person narrative.)

2. The presentation room will have an overhead projector.  If 
any additional equipment is needed you must indicate that now in 
the space below!  Computers, calculators, and calculator view 
screens will not be provided.  You must bring your own.

3. Brief vitae of each presenter (one short paragraph each).

Please return this form by January 30, 2003 via email or fax to 
Nancy J. Sattler.
Email:; fax: 419-355-1248

Bob Mathews                    email:
Director of Training           phone: 830-990-9699
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Design Science, Inc. -- "How Science Communicates"

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