Re: Validation of MathML

"Pepping, Simon (ELS)" <> writes:

> We will begin to receive MathML content from other parties in the second
> half of this year. I think that only then will we be able to see how strong
> each validation method is.

My experience using gellmu is that DTD validation makes it easier for
me as an author to catch errors than when I write LaTeX directly.  The
situation is not entirely parallel, however, because (1) the document
type is optimized for authors rather than for renderers and (2) MathML
is not (yet) being produced in one of its output streams.

Will the other parties have your DTD?  (Will it be on the web?)

I would think it to your advantage if they can perform validation
before shipping to you.

                                    -- Bill

Received on Friday, 28 February 2003 08:26:19 UTC