Re: Validation of MathML

Hi Simon,

> We are working on the implementation of a new DTD in our workflow, which
> includes MathML for the mathematics. Because a mathml expression is not
> necessarily a valid expression when it parses correctly according to the
> DTD, we need to have an additional validation tool that allows us to
> validate the mathml expressions embedded in the XML documents. Because the
> number of mathml expressions per document may be large, and the number of
> documents is large, this must be done batch wise, with clear error reporting
> and exit code.
> Are such validation tools available? I note than Mozilla, Amaya and
> MathPlayer do contain such a validation, but I suppose this functionality is
> not callable in a batchwise manner.
There are a couple of validation tools in the WebEQ Developers
Suite that can be used in batch mode.  In particular, the WebEQ
Equation Server can be used on the command line or from a script to
run through an XML file, checking each MathML instance, and dumping
errors to a file.  The validation is not quite as strong as that in
MathPlayer, but it is far better than merely validating against the
DTD.  Since validation is really a side-effect of the Equation Server
(which is aimed primarily at batch conversion of MathML), the
validation is not as flexible, nor the output as detailed as one might
like.  But it is a good start.

You can grab an evaluation version of the WebEQ Developers Suite at  


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Received on Wednesday, 26 February 2003 12:32:06 UTC