applications that use MathML...

I am giving a talk at the Joint Mathematics Meetings (JMM - in early January.  My short talk
is will be about the many applications that import, export, or in some way
process MathML.  The talk is part of a larger group of talks designed to
inform attendees about MathML.  At last year's JMM, the MathML set of talks
was very well attended so this is a good opportunity to get your software

I know that is a good list of
MathML-related software, but that list is a little old and I would
appreciate hearing from people who have MathML-related software about the
current status and features of the software.

In the talk, I would also like to reprise David Carlise's well received demo
of MathML applications working with one another that was presented at the
first MathML conference.

If you have MathML-related software,
1.  Send me a paragraph or two describing your software (general info,
special features, etc) and a URL of where people can find more info about

2.  If you would like me to demo your software as part of some
interconnection with other MathML software, let me know what you think would
show off your software and tell me how I can get a copy that will run until
Jan 10.

Thanks in advance for helping me show off the many MathML applications,

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