Re: Difference in description of DOM Interfaces.


> I'm wondering why description of DOM interfaces is different in docs
> vs idl file.  Take a look, for example(there are others as well), at
> MathMLSpaceElement and MathMLStyleElement.
> What description should I use to implement these interfaces?

It looks like a straight forward mistake.  In general, you should use
the one that matches the description of the element in Chapter 3 and
4.  But you will have to go case by case.  It isn't guaranteed that
either appendix D or E will always be right.

With MathMLStyleElement, the list without 'color' is correct, as you
will see by cross-referencing with  For MathMLSpaceElement, I
couldn't see what the problem was.

Could you post the problems you encounter, so we can start compiling
an errata list.



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Received on Thursday, 4 December 2003 17:41:50 UTC