Re: menclose (follow-up)


We are not currently using menclose for strikes, but after reading all 
the emails about this issue, I am considering the possibility of 
batch-processing our XML,  changing <strike> to <menclose>.

The "notation" attribute of menclose markup should have a longdivfrench 
value. The rendering is completely different between longdivEnglish and 
longdivFrench and there is a small difference between longdivFrench in 
Canada and longdivFrench in France.

In our company, we have decided not to use the menclose markup for long 
divions markuping. I have decided to implement a new set of markups to 
encode the long division in a way that the XML/MathML is the same for 
rendering both English and French. The logical blocks are longdiv 
(parent of), dividend, divisor and quotient.

Genevieve Habel
R&D CogniScience

Received on Friday, 22 August 2003 22:16:41 UTC