Re: Accented variables, and cancelling fractions

> At the end of the document you point to, it lists two combining
> characters only (tdot and DotDot). Isn't  DownBreve (̑)
> also in this category (no alternative, and needs a space before
> it)?

Yes thanks I should have pointed that out.
The document is part of a draft update of ISO/IEC 9573 to contain
official ISO/IEC mappings from the iSO entity sets to Unicode/ISO 10646
So while it's all generated from the same uniocde.xml source as the mathml
dtd it only flags "problem characters" that are in the ISO entity sets.
The MathML DTD is a bit larger and aquires a few more problem

I'm not sure what the best thing to do is, leave it as it is,
define the entities to have a space before the diacritic, define then to
have a zero-width space before, or lobby Unicode/ISO to add non combining
versions of the characters

suggestions welcome...

Received on Thursday, 7 August 2003 17:03:10 UTC