Re: Errors in Operator Dictionary 20030411

> I found some errors in the operator dictionary of 20030411:

Thanks. These won't get fixed in the next (PER) draft (which I really hope
will appear _soon_:-) but we'll catch these before the REC.

The operator dictionary source file is one of the few remaining parts
that is not marked up in any way, it's just one big CDATA section.

I should add some checks to the generation script so these get checked
automatically.  Either by replcing the CDATA section by some markup, so
the stylesheet could check the references as it generated the HTML,
or possibly simpler, generate a small test file that uses all the entity
references in the dictionary and validate that. The other use of CDATA
sections, for MathML examples, are all checked that way by the build
scripts as they are copied into the xhtml+mathml versions of the spec,
and so validated along with the rest of the document.


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