MathMLApplyElement and arguments


I am creating a full implementation of the MathML 2.0 DOM specification
in .net (c#). This will be freely availible when finished.

I am also working on tree walkers that can render to a graphics surfacs,
and also generate dynamic executable code from content markup.

I do have a question about how the MathMLApplyElement should implement
the arguments property inherited from MathMLContainer. Should all
non separator nodes be included in this list, as in the case of other

Since MathMLApplyElement is actually a way to specify what operator
to apply to one or more arguments, Should the MathMLNodeList property
of arguments contain all child nodes that are not the opperator?

An example is where the plus operator is used:
In this case, the 'operator' property of MathMLApplyElement is
obviously <plus/>, but I think the arguments property
(of MathMLNodeList) should contain the items <cn>1</cn>, <cn>2</cn>,
and <cn>3</cn>

any comments would be greatly appcieated.

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Received on Friday, 1 August 2003 16:35:13 UTC