Re: Putting mathematics on the Web with MathML(Chinese version)

>and on IE6/WinXP:
>I have reports that it displays similarly on MacOS X (moz and IE),
>and IE6/Win2000, but I haven't been able to try IE5 or IE5.5.
>Do you really think that it's the encoding that is wrong? Let me know
>so I can remove it from the site.

I'd say it was my installations, and thus what I could
see that were wrong. I get, for instance, as the first
character 'ju for canal'.  What you display looks,
by contrast to be right.

So please, leave the nice translation up, and I'll figure
out what's wrong with the setups here.  The Windows
platforms are NT 4. Sorry for the panic, but I wanted
to be sure it was tested and read.

All the best,


Received on Wednesday, 13 November 2002 18:09:45 UTC