Re: Operator groups

> "Dransfield, Martin (ELSLON)" <> writes:
> > I'm writing an XSLT stylesheet to transform equations from an older,
> > SGML markup into presentation MathML.
> The source is an author level markup?  Public or private?
> Are you sure that you want your translation target to be presentation,
> rather than content, MathML?
> I say this because the content-to-presentation step is already
> available and efforts might better be spent upgrading the source
> markup as required in order to be able to reach content markup.

Let me chip in on that. If there is any chance to get content MathML out of
your source, then you should invest into that. The ideal format for the
result in MathML would be parallel markup by cross-references (as defined
in section 5.3.3 of the specification). In that way you can even keep the
old markup (e.g. for reference) in an additional annotation-xml child.

Parallel markup via cross-references is actually the most valuable
application (and archive) format for MathML, so if you can you may want to
take the extra effort (in the style sheet) to produce this.

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