Re: Operator groups

> Is this an error
Yes something is in error in that the paragraph refers to blank lines
that are not there.

> (I can't see it in the errata)?
No. I believe you are the first to report this, sorry, and thanks.

If you look at the mathml 1 version

you'll see the basic effect that was intended.

The grouping is not present in the source XML file from which the
appendix is generated, so this isn't a stylesheet issue.

The grouping is also referred to in chapter 3 (as it was in mathml 1)
so I believe that the correct course of action will be to update the
dictionary in appendix F with the groups restored, but this is a
personal response,  Some other member of the Working Group (or the CVS
log:-) may have a better recollection of what was intended here, so
please don't take this as an official response (but one will be

Thanks for the report,


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