MathPlayer question


Design Science is looking into adding "doctype sniffing" capabilities to
MathPlayer so that when IE sees an XTHML document with a proper MathML
DOCTYPE declaration, MathPlayer can automatically perform the same kind of
transformation as David Carlisle's XSL stylesheet.  That would mean
that one could publish a document that would work in both
Netscape/Mozilla and IE without using the stylesheet.  

The stylesheet is better than nothing, but it is finicky to work with,
so we think will make life much easier for people trying to publish
MathML to a cross-platform audience.

Because of the way the underlying technology is set up in IE, we
basically have to implement separate sniffing algorithms for each
character encoding we want to support.  Consequently, we a trying to
prioritize what encodings to include in an initial release.  Clearly
UTF-8 and UTF-16 will be supported.  Also, encodings that are
compatible with ASCII in the sense that anything that looks like an
ASCII character really is an ASCII character are easy to handle, so we
are leaning toward supporting them as well.  (EUC-JP has this
property, as well as the various ISO 8859 encodings.)

So, the question to this list is are there other encodings you want
bad enough to to justify a delay in releasing the first version?

All comments are welcome.


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Received on Monday, 30 December 2002 17:21:11 UTC