Re: Congratulations to Mr. Sandhu (MathML book)

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>Mr. Sandhu, I wish to offer you my congratulations.  You've 
>accomplished a significant goal with the publishing of "The MathML 
>Handbook", and I'll probably want to lay my hands on a copy right 
>quick.  I myself am trying to create a proposal for a MathML book 
>aimed at the high school classroom, but I haven't gotten very far. 
>(That's mainly because I'm trying to include a couple other concepts 
>in my proposal, concepts which I haven't fully developed, but I 
>believe would make MathML more useful in the long run.  It's also 
>because I am largely out of touch with how mathematics is, and how 
>it should be, taught in classrooms -- a major flaw...)
>Looking at the table of contents, I'm personally interested because 
>your book will give me a first look at software I as a hobbyist may 
>not be willing to spend money on without seeing it firsthand.
>Alexander J. Vincent
>author, JavaScript Developer's Dictionary (Sams Publishing)
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>Vallejo, CA

Thanks. I hope the book will serve as a useful resource and 
contribute to the growing awareness and adoption of MathML.

The Math Working Group has done an excellent job in developing the 
spec. and making it broadly useful. The level of support in browsers 
and other products is also very encouraging. Now the main hurdle is 
one of getting the information out to people who can benefit from 
MathML. I'll be happy if the book can play even a small role in 
accomplishing that.

Good luck with your own proposal.


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