Re: Re : "netscape & mozilla rendering of xml document on solaris machine"


>  i m experiencing problems with the displaying of my xml documents(i m
> using content mathml)resident on an apache server running on a solaris machine.
>  IE6 displays the documents correctly, while netscape 7.0(preview release)
>  and mozilla(nightly build) display the source instead.
>  While the documents are on my local machine(PC), its correctly rendered
> by all the 3 browsers but once i move the same documents onto the solaris
> machine and try to load from my PC,then mozilla and netscape fails.
>  I can't think of what i might be doing wrong since i have all of the
>  required stylesheet files alongside the documents on the solaris
> machine(which is why IE6 works)
>  And moreover i 've tested with sample documents provided by
>  eg and experienced the same thing.

Sounds like your server is not serving your documents with the right
MIME type.  Be sure it is serving both your .xml and .xsl stylesheets
as text/xml or Netscape 7/Mozilla will screw up.  They are fanatically
standards-compliant down to the last detail, and have a tendency to
punish you silently if you make any mistakes. 


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Received on Thursday, 29 August 2002 14:59:00 UTC