Re: Re : MathML on Mozilla for Mac Os 9


> I tried to view a sample mathml page
> on Mozilla(nightly build version) for Mac Os 9
> and found out that the page was not properly rendered.
> Further investigation revealed that while the math sysmbols
> were properly rendered, the operands (wrapped in <ci>) were not.
> Seemingly there were being transformed instead of being rendered directly
> I would appreciate any comments on this

Mozilla doesn't support content MathML directly -- it only renders
presentation MathML.  So all of the content MathML, <ci>'s included
are supposed to be transformed by the stylesheet and not rendered
directly.  So that's all right.

But clearly something is wrong if it doesn't work.  I'll try to


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Received on Tuesday, 20 August 2002 10:31:55 UTC