Re: Re : MathML on Mac 0s

Except for... font handling which makes quite a few page not really well 
viewable (for example the markup-of-the-week).
Please also take the time to download the fonts listed in the page:

It would be good that Rob Schoffield updates us when this work is 
finished (if he is going to).


On Lundi, août 12, 2002, at 07:52 , Pavi Sandhu wrote:

> At 1:02 PM -0400 8/12/02, Olatunji Oluwabukunmi Ruwase wrote:
>> Hello,
>> I installed Mozilla 1.0 on an imac  with mac OS 9, but the browser 
>> fails
>> to render MathML on the sample pages you provided as expected.
>> Please could you offer advice on this problem
>> Thank you
>> Tunji
> MathML support did not work on the Mac when Mozilla 1.0 was released. 
> This was due to a Mac-specific bug having to do with font metrics. 
> However, this bug has since been resolved thanks to work by Rob 
> Raguet-Schofield of Wolfram Research.
> If you download one of the recent daily builds, MathML should renderly 
> properly, for both Mac OS 9 and OS X.
> Pavi

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