Annoucement: W3C math Activity renewed

W3C Announces the renewal of the Math Activity
(  The public charter is available at for public comments
and discussion.

The Math Working Group is chartered to continue the task of
facilitating the use of mathematics on the Web, both for science and
technology and for education. This involves the maintenance of the
recent version 2.0 of the MathML specification (W3C Recommendation, 21
February 2001), encouragement of its wider deployment, preparation of
any revisions or addenda appropriate, continued liaison with other
Working Groups within the W3C to ensure that the potential of MathML
is realized, and relations with other organizations, all designed to
strengthen the position of MathML and enhance the use of mathematics
on the Web. MathML can be of value as a test case in the deployment of
some of the newer W3C initiatives.

The Working Group welcomes your feedback and participation.

Max Froumentin
W3C Math Activity Lead

Received on Sunday, 10 June 2001 09:11:07 UTC