Re: Interfacing WebEQ with Maple


> My question is that would someone be able to suggest how to make
> webeq interface with Maple???

Here is how I would do it.

1) Construct an HTML page with an instance of the WebEQ Equation Input
   Control (EIC) in it.

2) Write a JavaScript handler to extract the MathML markup from the
   EIC and send it back to a URL on the server.

3) Write a handler servlet or CGI script or whatever at that URL to
   take the MathML, connect to a server-side copy of Maple, and get
   the Maple result back.

4) Have the script return the output in whatever form is appropriate.
   This generally involves parsing the Maple output and generating
   MathML or graphics.

Note, as I said in my earlier response, unless you are a pretty
accomplished Web programmer, I wouldn't attempt this program, since
each of these steps in non-trivial.  Also, until a new version of
Maple comes out that directly understands MathML, you would have to do
some serious processing on the MathML input to turn it into something
Maple could understand.  


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Received on Monday, 22 January 2001 13:13:50 UTC