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When converting from presentation markup to content markup you are
facing three main issues. 

1.  To determine the correct content markup, you must make some
assumptions about the conventions used by the person/machine
who created the presentation markup.   

            e.g.    does  D^2y  represent apolynomial of total degree 3,
            or an application of a differential operator to the function y.

If the presentation is machine generated from a single source 
according to strict conventions you can make good progress.
If not, you will have difficulty getting it right, simply because the
necessary information is missing and different authors use the same
notational conventions to mean two different things.

    (It is a one to many transformation)

2.  Pure content markup does not preserve the nuances of presentation.
For example,  it provides no mechanism to control how a
particular construct is displayed.   You may want derivatives
of functions displayed with dots over the function name instead
of with an operator, but pure content markup does not have that
information available to it.

    (It is a many to one transformation) 

Once you have chosen a content markup, MathML does provide mechanisms 
to group both a presentation a content expression as a pair, and to 
help coordinate changes between the two.    See chapter 5
for a discussion of the issues.

3.  The defined content tag sets do not cover all existing mathematical 
concepts.  (See appendix C)  You may need to use MathML Content 
extension  mechanisms  (based on csymbol and uses of apply) to add
the definitions you need to cover a particular topic.

    (mathematics is a growing discipline)

Do you have a particular application in mind?  Solutions
in particular instances may be fairly simple.

Stan Devitt
Stratum Technical Services Ltd.

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> Is it possible to convert every presentation markup document into an
> equivalent content markup document?
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