(Late) comments on PR MathML 2.0 (content)


	Here are three comments of a naive reader on the content part 
of the proposed recommendation:

- maximum and minimum

	if the three default renderings given at the end of this 
section are meant to render the three successive examples, it would 
be nice to have a hint of how to differenciate the two last ones.

- union and intersection

	it appears that these operators cannot have qualifiers 
(lowlimit, uplimit, bvar, contition, interval comes to mind). I 
understand that it is possible to modify the default definition but I 
find it odd.

- declare and 2.2: math and eventualy 7: The MathML interface

	in, it is said that the scope of the declaration is 
the entire math element within which the declaration is made. Now 
imagine that I am writing a mathematical textbook in XHTML and I want 
to use MathML. The way to do it, I understand consists of including 
math tags surrounding each mathematical piece of code in the XHTML 
document. I would like, in this context, that the scope of my 
declared elements span the whole XHTML document. I think that this is 
a natural requirement.
How can this be achieved?

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