Jerry Springer's Limo for $20?... YES! -KKMU


     Jerry Springer's Limousine could be yours for a twenty dollar bill...

We are either going to sell it or chance it off in a drawing... you will

make the choice...


     If this message annoys you, please read on...

     This is not hype... it's 100% real and truthful.

     I'm sending you this notice because your email came up in a web
search for folks interested in cars and collectables.  This is intended
to be a one-time mailing.  Please forgive us if you receive this more
than once, or if our targeted search yielded your email address in

   We only mail about interesting and unusual items of genuine
value, and we do not mail all the time... I get as angry as you do
about getting the same message twenty times and getting "bull"
or "hype" messages...

   One of our biggest problems is in the nature of computer
searches...  You've most probably noticed that search
engines often return results that have little to do with what
you wanted...

   Yet, the information above is of genuine interest to many
of you...  We come up with some pretty neat stuff!... 
Everything from !00 million dollar commercial complexes for
only 20 million dollars to ways to grow healthier house-plants
and repairing aluminum... If you'd like to look us over, check

   We do maintain a remove list... You can be placed on it,
but you will miss some interesting mail if you choose to
send a blank email to  with
"REMOVE" in the subject line.

    If we've peaked your interest and you'd like to receive
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   Thanks for your attention and consideration.


Received on Wednesday, 29 November 2000 18:19:33 UTC