Re: Reservations about <mchar>

>  Is (X)HTML going to
>  deprecate &alpha; &beta; etc...

I don't know (I'll ask them:-) but they are going to have to decide
fairly soon as all W3C groups are thinking about producing xml schema
descriptions of their respective languages, now the schema spec is

For XHTML it is probably easier to junk the entities than for mathml.
If for example you are making a lot of use of latin1 characters, you
probably have your editing environment set up for latin 1 and so
typing e acute character is probably a lot easier than entering

MathML is unique (amongst W3C languages) in having rather a lot of
entities and most of them referring to characters that are not in a
typical windows/mac/x11 font set and not likely to be appearing in
a typical keyboard layout.


Received on Wednesday, 3 May 2000 19:15:20 UTC