Product Pricing- Information Request


To Whom It May Concern:

Our organization is interested in purchasing large quantities of viagra alternatives. Our research has indicated your web site markets and sells such alternatives. We are interested in:

	Name and information of your product
	Quantity pricing of your products
	Shipping terms, methods, and prices
	Payment conditions
	Drop shipping available

The product we found most widely marketed was Herbal V, but are willing to consider any viagra alternative at a low price. 

Our conservative marketing projections call for starting orders of 100 bottles per week after 4 weeks, growing to approximately 300 bottles per week in the 10th week.

Please contact us using the following methods.

*FAX: 954.757.8086, attn: Global Administrator

*EMAIL: Attempt to reply to this email; if it bounces back, fax or snail mail us.

*POSTAL: CMC, 5786 WILES RD #129, CORAL SPRINGS, FL 33067-2156

A prompt reply is requested. This mailing is a one-time request for information and no need for removal is necessary. This mailing will not be repeated.

We appreciate your time and effort. 


Received on Tuesday, 22 August 2000 02:02:03 UTC