Looking for work!

Hello, my name is Katherine Ziegler (kaziegler@hotmail.com).  I am
moving to Evanston to attend Garrett-Evangelical Theological Seminary on
Sept 3-4.  My undergraduate work was in music, and I am currently
self-employed as a private piano instructor in Onalaska, WI at Reed
Music Studios (608-784-2360).  I would really love to continue teaching
piano, but am finding it almost impossible to determine which music
studios I should apply to (there are over 200 listings).  Can you please
help me?  I also have skills in data entry (63 wpm, fluent on WP 4.0 and
windows), and telecommunications.  I have contacted the Evanston Chamber
of Commerce and asked for a newspaper, but would really love some help
in finding a specific job, not just anything.
Please do not respond to this address, only to kaziegler@hotmail.com.
I would appreciate any help you are willing to give me :)
Katherine A. Ziegler

Received on Sunday, 6 August 2000 20:43:54 UTC